Thursday, April 5, 2012


Heyy Msp-ers! Okay so Pump Is Just Plain Awesome!! Top Of The Charts And All!! I just hate that some people hate her now cuz of the *Short Movies* problem... *In My Opinion Short Movies Aren't Fair* Just Sayin =P
Sooo, anyways. Pumpchkin is really sweet, and is always there for her fans =D
I know a bunch of people look up to yhu as a role-model, Pump! (Even Me...)
I Just wanted to say "Thanks" for being the BESTEST Msp-er Everyone Knows!!!


  1. HI! I think I met you on MSP b4, your in my California gurls music video right? xD it's olivia865, and I totally agree that Pump is awesome and people should stop hating on her. I have a blog too btw, check it out:

  2. omg i cant belive u think pump is awesome. she is a jerk XD

  3. im sad for pump! people try to hack her and then they report her! its terrible! my msp name is megannicolefan123

  4. what the usa link? im on english, french, irish, german need usa and im luckykittne200 Bing You (Starr813) are you on instagram im following u i think

    1. i think it is only chrome or summin

  5. Your need to stop hating on pump me and her a Bffs' just because she goes over the limits on her videos on Msp about Donnie doesn't mean u should hate on her shes a good Bff
    if u get to know her a little moreyou would love her the reason why she was so mean on her porters was she was HACKED!!!!!!! shes awesome sweet cool nice to hangout with a friend that makes u feel better when ur sad even though ur friends aren't there for u pump is :) so u should love pump she can't go on her account i tried stopping the hacker :/ but shes like What the F im gonna get back Pumps account back to her and i know her in Real